Horse Riding for Physical Fitness

Horseback Riding for Mental and Physical Fitness


Horseback riding improves mental and physical fitness and is more challenging than you might imagine.  If you don’t ride often, the call to use so many muscles may leave you a bit sore at first, but this will soon subside. If you stick with it, the fitness benefits will soon be apparent.  It’s worth it! Besides being physically demanding, horses boost the rider’s mental fitness. Not only is horseback riding a real workout, the exercise releases endorphins, making riders happier.

Horseback Riding Improves Mental and Physical Fitness

Besides strength, horseback riding improves your balance, coordination, and focus.  It’s not easy to hold your reins and keep yourself in the center of your saddle while you control the speed of your horse and where you are headed.  All this while you are on an unstable, moving platform!  But never will you find a physical fitness challenge that is more fun.

 As you learn to follow your horse’s movement, flexibility, deep breathing, and relaxation will be very important.  A good stretch routine can greatly improve your ride. Stretching each day is something you promised yourself anyway, right? Well, getting ready to ride is the perfect time to follow through with your fitness goals.

Improve Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing Horseback Riding

A British Horse Society study found that more than 80 percent of horseback riders reported feeling more “cheerful, relaxed, happy, or active” after horseback riding.

Now, saddle up and get on. It’s gorgeous outside.  You are with your perfect partner, enjoying fresh air, exercise, companionship, and relationship.  You find yourself exercising mind, body, and spirit while having one of the best times of your life! 

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