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To help you on your journey towards a fabulous mental health and physical fitness life, Fitness for JOY magazine provides encouragement and guidance. We believe a healthy lifestyle begins in thought. When you change your thinking, you’re able to change your behaviors. Mostly, you know what to do. We share ideas and practices to help you live a life of grace and ease for increased happiness.

Every choice you make influences your happiness. It’s time to take control of your life. There’s no time for wishing things were different. There’s time to take action and improve your health and fitness now. Did you know that you can change your fitness level quickly? 

We’re writing articles and creating content to help you take easy steps to get into shape, out of stress, and live a healthy, joyous life.

A lifestyle supporting mental health and physical fitness includes:

FITNESS FOR JOY|Mental & Physical Wellness

FITNESS FOR JOY: Mental & Physical Wellness

A positive mindset
Emotional health
Loving Relationships
Enjoyable physical activities
Nutritious and delicious diet
Productivity instead of stress
Environmental surroundings supporting happiness 

Call for Content from Mental Health and Physical Fitness Lifestyle Authors, Spiritual and Metaphysical Professionals, Quigong, Pilates, and Yoga Instructors, Alternative Medicine  Professionals, Health and Wellness Proponents

Fitness for JOY, a Joy Publications digital and upcoming print magazine about mental health and physical fitness for life, is part of Joy Publicity’s Content Marketing Machine. The purpose is to present healthy lifestyle changes and encouragement to happiness seekers while giving voice to professionals who care deeply about helping others get fit for increased physical and mental health, leading to a joyful life.

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